3 biased Mets fan thoughts that have a lot of credibility

New York Mets v Los Angeles Dodgers
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A major part of being a fan is to be fanatical. Logic and reason come second to cheering loudly. As with any year, there are plenty of biased thoughts from fans about the New York Mets. The “homerish” opinions are often a little over-the-top. It’s the case with any fanbase.

However, there are a couple of biased fan thoughts from Mets fans that have a lot of credibility to them. As homerish as they are, numbers back up these orange and blue opinions about the team.

1) NY Mets fans who think Luis Guillorme should play every day have a point

Luis Guillorme may never get a chance to play every day for the Mets because of the way the roster is designed. Jeff McNeil is the second baseman and the club has Eduardo Escobar at third base. Behind him, the club has two third base prospects hoping to play the position very soon.

There just isn’t room on the Mets for Guillorme, a light yet frequent hitting infielder with some slick moves on defense. On a lesser team or one with a ton of power, he might just get a chance to start regularly. On the Mets, he fits perfectly as the backup infielder for everyone on the diamond.

Guillorme has turned into a really good hitter in the last three seasons. He won’t hit the ball far but he does make good contact and knows how to draw a walk. He is exactly what you want from your fifth infielder or however you want to designate his role on the team.

Numbers suggest Guillorme should get a chance to play as much as possible. Buck Showalter has been sure to give him chances regularly as he is on his way to playing more than ever in 2022. Already, he has surpassed his previous single-season high of 35 hits.