The 3 best Mets pitchers to never start for the team on Opening Day

Jon Matlack
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3) Sid Fernandez

Sid Fernandez was the least heralded of an exceptionally talented starting staff. Yet, he was probably the most reliable. He did whatever was asked of him.

Fernandez would be behind Dwight Gooden, Ron Darling, David Cone, and Frank Viola for all of his tenure with the Mets. They got most of the hype, but he was the one opponents hated to face. He was sneaky fast with a deceptive motion that hid the ball well…making hitters feel the ball was on top of them before they could react.

Fernandez would never earn an opening day start because, just like Darling, Gooden would be granted that honor every year except ’87.

Fernandez would not be given a start in the 1986 World Series, as the Mets ended up going with a three-man rotation. But he would actually be a savior in not one but two games.

Fernandez saved Gooden in Game 5 by coming in to shut down the Boston Red Sox over four innings, and then he did the same for Darling in Game 7 by coming in to retire seven consecutive hitters to halt the Red Sox onslaught.

Fernandez would spend ten seasons with the Mets and pitch to a record of 98-78 with a 3.14 ERA making two All Star game appearances.