3 bad Mets contracts the team should eat to get a better return in a trade

These three players could bring back better prospects in a trade if the Mets cover the rest of their contracts.
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Contract the Mets should eat #3: Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer has shown flashes of brilliance this season, but overall, he hasn't performed the way we are used to seeing him perform. In 17 starts, the righty has pitched 94.2 innings and allowed 86 hits, 42 earned runs, 26 walks, and struck out 107 batters. His ERA is 3.99, his FIP is 4.41, his WHIP is 1.18, and his ERA+ is 103. 

If his 3.99 ERA stays that high through the season’s end (and his FIP says it will), it would be the highest ERA he’s had since 2011 when he posted a 4.43. If his 1.18 WHIP stays this high, it would be the highest he’s had in a full season since 2014, when he also had a 1.18 WHIP. 

I think it’s safe to say that the best of Max Scherzer is behind us. At age 38, he probably wants to try to win a championship while he still can, so he will likely waive his no-trade clause to a contending team. He also has an opt-out after this season, so there’s a chance he opts out if the Mets don’t trade him (if he values winning more than money, which he should at this point of his career).

He probably has about $13 million left on his deal this year, plus the $43.3 next year if he opts in with whatever team acquires him. Obviously it would take a very talented prospect to make that cost worthwhile to the Mets, but if a team is willing to do it, the Mets should be too.