3 advantages the Mets have over other World Series contenders

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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What can help the New York Mets in the final weeks of the regular season and into the postseason? It wouldn’t hurt to check for four leaf clovers or chop off a few rabbit’s feet for luck. Chasing rainbows could help, too. Whatever is possible, we should expect this Mets team to give it a try.

Luckily, they are pretty well built to have some advantages over other World Series contenders without resorting to black magic. The Mets have shown off their strengths plenty this year. Against other championship-hopeful ball clubs, it’s these three advantages that could give them an edge.

1) NY Mets have a huge advantage in the closer spot with Edwin Diaz

As much as the Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be better than the Mets, there’s a huge difference between Craig Kimbrel and Edwin Diaz. The Dodgers are going to be scrambling to try and find a permanent solution in the ninth inning before the season is over. The Mets, meanwhile, are cruising along with possibly the best guy in the game at the spot.

It’s not just the Dodgers having woes in the ninth inning. Close to home, we’ve seen the New York Yankees lose faith in Aroldis Chapman and replace him with Clay Holmes only for him to flame up, too.

Josh Hader of the San Diego Padres is capable of imploding and who really knows about any of the guys the Philadelphia Phillies might toss out there for the finale?

Even the Braves with Kenley Jansen don’t seem too sure of themselves sometimes. Closers are always capable of disappointing the fans. Even Diaz is not invincible.

However, there’s a much thicker line between how the Mets feel about their ninth inning man and how these other World Series contenders will for the last outs.