Mets 26-man roster of players born outside of the 50 states

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NY Mets bullpen of players born outside of the 50 states

Closer 1 Armando Benitez from the Dominican Republic: We’re going closer-by-committee and you probably understand why without me having to explain Mets history to you.

Closer 2 Jeurys Familia from the Dominican Republic: Almost a clone of Benitez’s tenure with the Mets, we’ll have to hope when one goes cold the other hasn’t already.

Closer 3 Edwin Diaz from Puerto Rico: Imagine watching a Mets season begin knowing you may get to see Benitez, Familia, and Diaz all blow the same game.

Righty 1 Ron Taylor from Canada: He’s not the Nickelback of Mets history (that’s Jason Bay). An early member of the team born outside of the United States, he’s one of the righties we can turn to for help.

Righty 2 Francisco Rodriguez from Venezuela: K-Rod’s time with the Mets was actually productive and would have been remembered more fondly if the team won and his off-field antics weren’t a distraction.

Righty 3 Roberto Hernandez from Puerto Rico: The steady veteran presence he can provide the Mets with some clean late innings in any game.

Lefty 1 Pedro Feliciano from Puerto Rico: You can’t have a Mets bullpen and start picking lefties without at least considering him. Three-batter minimum rule or not, he’s on the roster.

Lefty 2 Graeme Lloyd from Australia: In his one year with the Mets he was pretty good. I also wanted to get at least one Aussie on the roster.

How many games is this Mets team winning? The roster is actually better than most average teams. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see some October baseball.

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