Mets 26-man roster of players born outside of the 50 states

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NY Mets starting rotation of players born outside of the 50 states

SP 1 Johan Santana from Venezuela: I don’t expect a no-hitter from him every night but as Mets history has shown, he’s the best bet to go all nine and not surrender a single hit.

SP 2 Pedro Martinez from the Dominican Republic: A fine number two on the staff, a lot of what he did with the Mets was similar to Santana with a great beginning and a lackluster ending. I’m confident we’ll get more of the start of Martinez’s career.

SP 3 Bartolo Colon from the Dominican Republic: Remember when I was looking for a DH? Maybe when he’s not pitching Colon can fill in that role.

SP 4 Orlando Hernandez from Cuba: El Duque had a fine short career with the Mets and could give them number three stuff from the number four spot in the rotation.

SP 5 Masato Yoshii from Japan: I’m looking to include people from all parts of the world and because an obvious fifth starter isn’t available, Yoshii gets an international call from me to finish the rotation off.

The starting rotation is solid enough. Foreign-born pitchers haven’t had nearly the same level of success with the Mets as the position players have.

To ensure any of the good they do doesn’t go to waste, we’re going to need a bullpen!