5 pleasant 2024 Mets season plot twists we can wish for

Which plot twist should the Mets stun the fans with in 2024?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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5) Brandon Nimmo becomes the power bat this team was missing

Brandon Nimmo had a weird year in 2023. He did a lot of the things he had done well. Several of his other numbers declined slightly. It's hard to really complain about him with a straight face. Nimmo is what he is and that's a really good player with the occasional issue whether it be injuries or suspicious center field defense.

A twist Nimmo already offered us last year was his sudden surge in power. Could it be a change in his approach? A more powerful Nimmo can come in handy for the Mets, especially with his move to left field where traditionally you want a guy with pop.

What if Nimmo will continue to give the Mets 25 home runs a year? Why not go to 30?

Outside of his high OBP numbers, Nimmo never has fit as the perfect leadoff hitter anyway. He doesn't steal bases. Some years he has been a strikeout machine a little too much.

Nimmo may actually be evolving before our eyes. In an offseason where we've begged for the Mets to sign a power bat, him answering the call would be a pleasant twist. Maybe then Carlos Mendoza can even shake up the lineup. Francisco Lindor at the top with Nimmo batting second or third might actually be the greatest benefit for everyone. Lindor can steal bases more freely. Pete Alonso is at the plate with a runner on first more often.