5 pleasant 2024 Mets season plot twists we can wish for

Which plot twist should the Mets stun the fans with in 2024?
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets - Game Two / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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Sometimes within minutes of watching a movie or TV show you'll know the twist is what will make or break how you feel. A good twist ending is the difference between The Sixth Sense and The Happening. Killer plants? Little Shop of Horrors did it better. Even the most mundane New York Mets season will have plot twists no one saw coming. Far too often, they slant negatively.

What about the more positive ones? R.A. Dickey winning a Cy Young. Jacob deGrom becoming an ace almost immediately. Mike Piazza coming to Queens only days after he went to Miami.

Hand us a pen. We want to sign up for these five pleasant plot twists.

1) Mark Vientos wins the starting third base job

Expecting Mark Vientos to take off and secure a more permanent spot in the Mets lineup isn't a spectacular twist. To write in a plot point about him winning the third base gig over Brett Baty is something else. Not even David Lynch would add this to one of his films because of how out of reach it has seemed.

For Vientos to win the third base job, a lot will have to swing in his favor. Baty will either need to be unavailable or bad enough where he isn't even a consideration. While not so pleasant for Baty, it’s a huge turn in favor of Vientos.

Long thought of as a DH in the making, Vientos wouldn't be the first player to suddenly figure things out defensively. It's his bat that will ultimately lead the way in determining how much playing time he gets. However, minimal competition at the hot corner can provide him with an opening to change the plot for him in 2024.

If the test audience thinks this is too unkind to Baty, they can share the position.