Former Mets players are taking over the 2024 Hall of Fame ballot

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The 2024 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot should have a couple of first-timers going in. Both Adrian Beltre and Joe Mauer become eligible. We should expect both of them to get in the first time. They’re far from the only rookies entering the ballot that year. In fact, it’s a first-year eligibility rich with ex-New York Mets players.

Former Mets on the 2024 Hall of Fame ballot

We don’t know yet what the future holds for guys who will already be eligible in 2023. Carlos Beltran is the biggest name from the Mets universe. His case is an interesting one considering the fallout from the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal and his alleged participation.

Fast-forwarding a year, we get to 2024 when many more once or twice-upon a time Mets players are there.

David Wright leads the way. A lifetime member of the organization, he probably won’t get in because of how much injuries plagued him later on in his career. Wright should still get enough consideration to stick around beyond the first ballot. Beloved by everyone, he’s the kind of guy whose spot on the ballot will, unfortunately, probably fade away after all ten years are over.

Wright will be joined by Bartolo Colon whose enshrinement in Cooperstown would create a huge debate: whose hat does he wear? Colon was one of baseball's most well-traveled pitchers during his day. Fortunately, despite winning almost 250 games, he’s more of a compiler in this category than anything else. Colon should still get some attention for what he was able to do even with a PED suspension in his past.

Also on the ballot for the first time is Jose Reyes. Wright’s partner on the left side of the infield for so many years, the greatest shortstop in Mets history won’t get into the Hall of Fame without a ticket. Certainly a franchise legend, he’ll have to settle for some accolades and maybe a few votes tossed his way.

As if that wasn’t enough first-time Mets juice for you, Jose Bautista and Adrian Gonzalez are also on the ballot. Remember their stints in Queens back in 2018? Gonzalez opened the season at first base for the Mets. Bautista came over mid-year right as his career was fading away.

Big stars during their best days, I’m not confident either gets much love in the voting. They had their moments. They had their big seasons. However, there won’t be any need to prepare a speech.

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