2 reasons the Mets will be a competitive team in 2024, 2 reasons they won’t

How competitive of a team will the Mets put on the field in 2024?

New York Mets v Kansas City Royals
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The NY Mets won't be a competitive team in 2024 because the kids are too green

The Mets did an amazing job at the trade deadline boosting their farm system. It's okay to feel good about this team's future. However, many of the additions won't be MLB ready next season. In fact, a lot of those newbies won't even touch the major league roster at all in 2024.

We're already set up for what could be a strange season. As promising as some of the young pitchers may be, none look ready to crack the major league roster. Mike Vasil has struggled in Triple-A. Blade Tidwell is brand new to Double-A and undoubtedly needs more starts in the minors to advance a little closer to the big league door.

Next year won't be a season of Mets freshmen battling it out for Rookie of the Year honors. A midseason call-up or two is possible. Looking at the timeline, the 2024 campaign is closer to how the club behaved in 2014 with 2025 working as the year when more of the kids will have a major league impact similar to 2015 when we saw Noah Syndergaard, Michael Conforto, and Steven Matz all come up and help the team make it to the postseason.

The Mets organization got better in the last few weeks. The major league team didn't. Outside of prospects racing through the system by midseason 2024, it's looking like we could be in for a long season. There's always 2