2 reasons the Mets will be a competitive team in 2024, 2 reasons they won’t

How competitive of a team will the Mets put on the field in 2024?
New York Mets v Kansas City Royals
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The NY Mets will be competitive in 2024 because they aren’t building from scratch

How does a potential starting rotation beginning with Kodai Senga, Jose Quintana, and one other relevant arm sound? Take any tier one or tier two starting pitcher from free agency or the trade market and plug him onto this roster. The Mets are already in better shape than most ball clubs.

The Mets aren’t starting from scratch. Next season won’t be coming off of a long hiatus from competing. They aren’t building off of an empty plot of land. The structure is there. We just need some remodeling.

Many of the holes the team will need to fill this offseason are standard. They’ll need starting pitching. Some more starting pitching. Some relievers. And again, some starting pitching. A bat would be nice, however, if the endgame is to win in 2025 or 2026, the Mets can remain competitive with the offense they already have with a rental or two sprinkled in.

The positional needs on offense to fill could include left field, DH, and filling up the bench. Left field has several possible solutions already in-house with a positional change as one of the better options. The Mets can upgrade the DH spot by signing a guy capable of playing left field to take on the bulk of those starts and also fill in as a defensive player on a regular basis.