3 Mets starters from 2022 who shouldn't be in the 2023 Opening Day lineup

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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3) NY Mets can give Brett Baty the third base start over Eduardo Escobar

Brett Baty is probably the most likely of the top prospects to start on Opening Day. The team called him up first in 2022 and the performance from starting third baseman Eduardo Escobar this past year makes it a possibility that they reconsider his role with the team.

Escobar did finish strongly and if Baty doesn’t look quite ready, expect zero changes. However, depending on where Vogelbach is and how he performs, Baty could also be a candidate to be the DH or starting third baseman with Escobar in the role instead.

A Mets starting lineup to open the 2023 season with an improved DH from the outside, Alvarez behind the plate, and Baty at third base seems to be a little too dramatic for what this club has done. They like their proven veterans. We would need to see some injuries during spring training for the Mets to give more than one rookie an Opening Day start.

Your guess is as good as anyone’s as to what this team looks like when the 2023 season begins. We all do want to see some changes. Clearly, what they had this past year wasn’t enough.

An answer we’ll need to wait on: will these changes take place immediately or will we have to wait patiently for someone to lose their job?

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