3 Mets starters from 2022 who shouldn't be in the 2023 Opening Day lineup

Washington Nationals v New York Mets
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Who else has 2023 New York Mets Opening Day already on their mind? With the way things ended in 2022, it’s all we have to look forward to.

Already, fans are spending Steve Cohen’s money in an attempt to build a better roster. It’s offseason fan-general-manager time and one part of it is moving certain players off the roster or to the bench.

It’s these three players who stand out most as starts from the 2022 team who we’d prefer to see not on the lineup card to open the 2023 season. They can stay with the club. They just need to be upgraded.

1) NY Mets need to do better at the DH spot than Daniel Vogelbach

Chances were, with the ability to pay him only $1.5 million, the Mets would keep Daniel Vogelbach. It's precisely what they decided to do. It’s not a horrific move. They can escape from it without having to pay a lot of money if things don’t work out well. Vogelbach could always simply end up as one of those rare May trade pieces if the Mets suddenly realize he’s too much of a burden on the roster.

As far as Opening Day goes, I think many would be in agreement that we’d like to see someone else.

With Vogelbach remaining with the Mets, the role will be the same. The Mets will need a right-handed hitter to pair with him to get at-bats on the days the team faces a southpaw. It’s a strategic way to deplore the DH without having to spend a lot of money. However, many of the best DH options available out there are better hitters than Vogelbach and aren’t stuck playing against only lefties.

Something tells me Vogelbach will indeed be in the Mets Opening Day lineup. Odds are already in favor of them facing righty Sandy Alcantara to open the season. That means we’ll probably see Vogelbach start the season with the Mets.