3 positive takeaways from the 2022 season to get us through the winter

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages
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2) The Steve Cohen factor remains the biggest Mets advantage

The offseason is where the Mets can do the bulk of their damage to other organizations. Steve Cohen’s money expands. New people get to experience what it’s like getting a paycheck handed to them by the richest owner in the sport—at least this is how I imagine the players receive their income.

Everything is possible as long as Cohen is the majority owner of the Mets. We saw last season what happens when the team struggles and he doesn’t get his way. He goes out and signs Scherzer.

This winter, the team could become even more aggressive. They actually had a superb regular season. The offseason is their chance to fix the problems they weren’t able to at the trade deadline. It’s in the offseason with free agency when the richest ball clubs have the greatest advantage. At least on paper, the Mets should get better.

Whenever a Mets fan feels disappointed, a quick reminder of who now owns the team is all it will take to feel a bit better. Although the Mets didn’t make it past the Wild Card round, their big-spending ways in the offseason built them a 101-win ball club. Let’s go for 102 victories next year starting with a huge offseason.