Every Mets pitcher to win 20 games in a season

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Pitchers don’t win 20 games like they used to. It may be a while before we see any New York Mets pitcher do it again. Luckily, if you stuck around for a while, you have been able to see it happen 9 times.

NY Mets 20-win season: Tom Seaver in 1969 with 25

Tom Seaver is a natural fit for any list of Mets greatness. In 1969, he became the first pitcher in franchise history to win 20 games in a season. He did even better than that. His 25 wins set a franchise mark that will probably never be matched or overtaken.

NY Mets 20-win season: Dwight Gooden in 1985 with 24

As brilliant as Seaver was in his career, the best pitched season for anyone in club history came in 1985. Dwight Gooden set multiple franchise records and did it on the back of 24 wins.

NY Mets 20-win season: Tom Seaver in 1975 with 22

Another, and not the last, appearance from Tom Terrific. In 1975, he had his second most-winningest year with the Mets. He won 22 games for them that year.

NY Mets 20-win season: Tom Seaver in 1972 with 21

See a pattern? There is a reason why there is a statue of him outside of Citi Field. Seaver is an absolute legend. The third-highest win total during his time in New York, his 1972 campaign included 21 victories.

NY Mets 20-win season: Jerry Koosman in 1976 with 21

Matching Seaver’s total from four years earlier, Jerry Koosman made his mark in 1976 when he put together arguably his best season. It included 21 wins as a topper.

NY Mets 20-win season: Tom Seaver in 1971 with 20

I promise, this is the last mention of Seaver. As if you’d ever get sick of seeing that name. In 1971, he won 20 games for the second time in his career. As you’ve already learned, he’d top it two more times before his time in New York was through.

NY Mets 20-win season: David Cone in 1988 with 20

David Cone put together a fabulous year in 1988 and helped the Mets capture another National League East title. His regular season was a brilliant one and completed with 20 wins.

NY Mets 20-win season: Frank Viola in 1990 with 20

Only two years after Cone, Frank Viola added another 20-win campaign to Mets history. His 1990 season included this feat.

NY Mets 20-win season: R.A. Dickey in 2012 with 20

The most recent and possibly last Mets pitcher to earn 20 wins in a season came in the awesome 2012 season from R.A. Dickey. Maybe the last person anyone thought win 20 games, the journeyman knuckleballer rode all 20 of them to one of the most unprecedented Cy Young seasons in MLB history.

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