2 truths and 1 lie about David Stearns’ first offseason as Mets POBO

What's the truth and what's a lie about this Mets offseason?
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Mets Lie: David Stearns had a really good winter

The Mets didn’t add any star players this offseason and that certainly feels like the biggest strike against Stearns. How meaningful is star power anyway other than for ticket sales, particularly on the road?

Mets fans don’t have any new jerseys to buy. Does this mean the offseason was a failure?

Others see what Stearns has done as positive. He hasn’t committed to any irrational deals. It’s all a temporary hold for bigger things in the near future.

Well, maybe not. To say Stearns had a really good winter is putting the cart before the horse or the dessert before the appetizer for those who don’t travel by stagecoach to understand better. The Mets missing on Yoshinobu Yamamoto this offseason was stung even if it ultimately wasn’t their fault. A front office executive can only do so much. The owner had him over for dinner! What more could the Mets have done? Did Steve Cohen deny Yamamoto a toy from the toy chest on his way out?

You can feel satisfied with the offseason Stearns has had, but that’s because the standard has been lowered. Oft-injured players added to an already questionable roster shouldn’t have anyone reserving playoff tickets just yet.

While the Mets have made improvements, most of their moves were lateral in nature with a chance to look better. The truth of this offseason is the Mets laid out a plan and stuck with it. They were successful in not wavering from it. Whether it was the smart plan or not is why we’ll play the games.