2 Mets tricks and 2 treats handed out to the fans this year

Mets fans were given some tricks and some treats in 2023.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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The fans had their pumpkins smashed by the Baby Mets

Francisco Alvarez was going to compete with Brett Baty for Rookie of the Year. Mark Vientos was going to put on a power display. Ronny Mauricio would play all over the field and win our hearts. None of it happened. It feels like our pumpkins have been smashed.

Alvarez did the least amount of tricking as he did establish himself as a power-hitting backstop whose ability to play the position is no longer in question. Just his ability to recognize the pitch clock is noteworthy for a young kid with so much else going on around him.

Vientos and Mauricio didn’t get enough of a look to call their parents about the pumpkin smashing trick they played on us. We saw much more of Vientos and the same exact questions about him remain. Mauricio, on the other hand, started off strongly only to taper off as the season came to a close.

The biggest trickster of all was Baty. Because the Mets did hand more starts at third base to Vientos and Mauricio in the final weeks, one has to wonder how they truly feel about him. David Stearns wasn’t in charge at the time and Buck Showalter has been removed from the managerial seat. It’s going to be tough for Baty to convince anyone he shouldn’t be in a competition to start next season. That’s if he doesn’t get traded first.