2 Mets tricks and 2 treats handed out to the fans this year

Mets fans were given some tricks and some treats in 2023.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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The fans were given a full size candy bar by some of the usual suspects

It wasn’t a completely atrocious season for the Mets. After all, some of the usual suspects did have big years. They handed out some full size candy bars to the fans. Specifically, it’s Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor who had us skipping down the driveway with a smile on our faces.

Alonso smashed 46 home runs and drove in 118 to highlight his year. Although weaknesses showed in other areas, notably his .217 batting average, he left little doubt that he is the best slugger the Mets have ever had. The continued ability to change the game with one swing was a treat for the fans every time he stepped up to the plate. 

Yeah, not every appearance ended with him trotting around the bases. But sometimes you do get a full size candy bar and a slight tear in the wrapper has you too paranoid to eat it.

Lindor’s season felt a lot less monstrous and yet it may have been better. His 31 home runs and 31 stolen bases led the charge. However, he did cross the plate 108 times for the second most in his career and added 33 doubles. Since joining the Mets, Lindor had yet to go over 25 two-base hits.

Steady defensively yet again, the two knocks against him are the high strikeout rate and relatively tame batting average. He hasn’t quite gotten back to his best days in Cleveland. Nonetheless, it was a promising campaign and far more treat than trick.