2 trades the Mets should make today, 1 they should avoid

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game Two
Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game Two / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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A trade the Mets should make: Josh Bell

Josh Bell would really fill out the Mets’ lineup nicely. Bell is slashing .302/./385/.493/.878 with 13 homers, 23 doubles, 57 RBI’s, and 52 runs scored. Bell is in the 96th percentile in xBA, 93rd percentile in xwOBA, 91st percentile in strikeout rate, 84th percentile in xSLG, 82nd percentile in walk rate, and 77th percentile in whiff rate. 

Bell’s great season, thanks in large part to a change of approach. He used to get what Keith Hernandez likes to call “homer-happy,” basically meaning he was only swinging for the fences. Now that he’s leveled out his swing, he’s become a much more complete hitter.

Bell would become the primary DH. As a switch-hitter, he can face either righties or lefties (.889 OPS vs. righties, .861 OPS vs. lefties). He’s particularly good vs. lefty starting pitchers, with a .927 OPS.

Bell is an average defender at first base, posting a 0 Outs Above Average (OAA) there. When Pete needs to get off his feet, he’s a capable fill-in at first. We could see Pete DH on those days, or if he needs a full day off, Daniel Vogelbach can DH on those days.

Bell is a rental, so he won’t be too costly. It might take one solid prospect (maybe 15-25 range?) to land him, or a couple of lower ones. It hasn’t sounded like the Nationals’ price on him has been unreasonable, like the Red Sox with J.D. Martinez or the Cubs with Willson Contreras.