Improving 2 trade ideas between the Mets and Mariners

Finding a trade that Mets and Mariners fans may both accept.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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Finding some middle ground for Mets and Mariners fans

Here it goes. We need to give the Mariners the contact bat they desire and add some young pitching to the Mets roster.

McNeil trade three

Boom! What do we think?

The Mariners not only get a major league contact bat, they receive a minor league one, too in Nick Morabito. He hit .306 on the farm last season while showing off some excellent speed. Seattle also receives some relief in payroll as they dump Gonzales onto the Mets. His contract, after all, is higher than McNeil’s for 2024.

The Mets get their young pitching with Woo and Berroa. The addition of Gonzales may seem pointless. He’d be an option to move to the bullpen or give the Chris Flexen treatment to. His inclusion is more about helping the Mariners clear some salary and a roster spot.

A big debate for Mets fans will be whether or not these two young arms are worth getting at the cost of McNeil. Woo was never a top Mariners prospect but catapulted his way to the major leagues last year on performance. The years of control are what make Woo appealing and maybe worthy of adding at such a high cost.

Mets fans may see this trade and think the team needs to land a more proven arm. Meanwhile, the Mariners fans out west might be thinking about how little they care about ownership saving money.

To get it on the record, if someone like Jett Williams is a must for those M’s fans, consider Logan Gilbert or George Kirby gone.