Improving 2 trade ideas between the Mets and Mariners

Finding a trade that Mets and Mariners fans may both accept.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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A second trade proposed between the Mets and Mariners

This one cuts out a lot more from the Mets but it actually rewards them with something.

McNeil trade two

I’d still want David Stearns immediately fired and banned from Citi Field and all Citi Bank properties if he made this deal. In fact, let’s ban him from cities altogether. He can live in the woods.

Somehow, though, this trade is lightyears better. Bryan Woo is absolutely a target the Mets should be after. Prelander Berrora, a legitimate pitching prospect, would look nice in the farm system, too.

The problem here is the Mets are including Jett Williams. He’ll be a top three prospect for the team next year at the absolute worst. There’s a good chance he’s number two or even number one. There is absolutely no reason they should be trading him anywhere. If they’re dealing away McNeil, there is no need to subtract any major pieces from the farm system.

Neither of these trades are all that attractive for Mets fans. The inclusion of McNeil at all is already difficult to accept. The mission of the trade is to land a young arm. Let’s see if we can combine the two trades and find something more reasonable for both sides.