Improving 2 trade ideas between the Mets and Mariners

Finding a trade that Mets and Mariners fans may both accept.
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
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Over at Sodo Mojo, they took the idea of the New York Mets trading Jeff McNeil to the Seattle Mariners and ran with a pair of trade ideas. The Mariners are reportedly looking to add a high-contact bat this offseason. A wide open spot at second base should make McNeil a priority of theirs.

The problem they run into is McNeil is a core member of a Mets team still looking to compete and build. McNeil signed a team-friendly extension last offseason. New York is only trading him if they feel like they’re winning a deal or at least addressing needs.

Unfortunately, neither of the trade proposals from Sodo Mojo are worthy of even considering. Let’s see if we can improve either one and come to a middle ground.

What would be a fair Mets and Mariners trade?

The first trade just doesn’t seem to make much sense for the Mets at all.

McNeil trade one

Since most of us aren’t familiar with Kristian Cardozo, the skinny on him is that he’s not a top 30 prospect and he had two straight bad years pitching in the lower minor leagues. His inclusion in this deal is irrelevant.

Gonzales, meanwhile, does feel like a Mets target if only because he fits in as a salary dump sort of player for Seattle. He has a 4.08 ERA in 852.1 innings with the Mariners dating back to mid-2017. There is $12.25 million owed to him next year which Seattle would definitely love to get out from under. He missed all but 10 starts last year and had an ERA over 5.00. He has become irrelevant to them.

McNeil’s contract includes a salary of $10.25 million next year and raises to $15.75 million for two more seasons and a team option for the same in 2027. It’s much more money than the Mariners would be paying to Gonzales.

The problem with this trade is it’s actually more of a salary dump for the Mets. I’m not sure why they would actually want Gonzales for a year and lose McNeil in the process. The Mets have nothing to gain from this trade.

Maybe the other deal is easier to improve.