2 Mets successes providing hope, 2 failures curbing our enthusiasm

How much optimism do you have left?
New York Mets v Cleveland Guardians
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Multiple Mets free agent pickups are meeting or exceeding expectations

Did David Stearns have a good offseason? It looks like he did. Although Joey Wendle was a bust and the team had much better options than Michael Tonkin and Yohan Ramirez already, many of the free agent pickups made by the team in the offseason have met or are exceeding expectations.

The duo of Luis Severino and Sean Manaea have been right where we need them to be. Harrison Bader, while still arguably overpaid based on his resume, is a much better hitter than he has been in recent seasons. Adam Ottavino, Jake Diekman. Jorge Lopez. Stearns built a very good free agent class. J.D. Martinez has been awesome since joining the club.

For those looking down the road into the future, this is definitely providing some additional hope. When the person picking the players is choosing the right ones, it’s a major confidence boost.

Stearns hasn’t been completely perfect. The Adrian Houser pickup has cost the Mets far more games than it has won them. At the price of only a prospect undergoing Tommy John surgery rehab, it’s not so detrimental especially with years of control on outfielder Tyrone Taylor.

The Mets set themselves up well for a trade deadline sell-off. Even if you’ve lost a lot of hope this season, you can at least attach yourself to the strong possibility of a successful fire sale.

Alternatively, you can find a shooting star to wish on for a 10-game winning streak to pull this team back in as more serious contenders.