2 Mets roster Hail Mary's worth considering, 1 idea to spike into the ground

The Mets haven't been shy about making roster changes. These two Hail Mary's are worth consideration while this other should be spiked immediately.
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Spike the Ball: Trading Luis Severino for anything at all even if it helps the 2024 team

The idea of the Mets trading a starting pitcher while still trying to compete is acceptable unless the guy they deal is Luis Severino. Easily their best starting pitcher this season, there isn’t a valid case to subtract him from the roster. A lot was discussed in the offseason about whether or not the Mets were punting. Trading Severino now wouldn’t be punting; it’s running from the other team’s goal line to your own and letting them score two points on a safety.

How can the Mets possibly compete without Severino in the rotation? The threesome of Severino, Christian Scott, and Kodai Senga is as good as they can feature. Remove one from an October equation and the Mets’ chances are sunk.

Trading Jose Quintana or Sean Manaea makes much more sense. Quintana seems to be the weaker of the two, but Manaea has had enough outings this year for him to grab the proverbial “beer” and take that title.

David Stearns has done some wacky things in the past. Trading Josh Hader in 2022 is the extreme example of a buyer subtracting a big piece. The situation isn’t too far off as the Brewers pivoted to moving Devin Williams into the closer’s role. If the Mets trade away a starter, they’ll have immediate replacements.

Just hope it isn’t Severino they deal away. He is far too important for this team. Spike that idea into the ground. The consistent innings he can eat is too valuable.