2 Mets roster Hail Mary's worth considering, 1 idea to spike into the ground

The Mets haven't been shy about making roster changes. These two Hail Mary's are worth consideration while this other should be spiked immediately.
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Hail Mary 2: Call up Brandon Sproat in late August and put him in the bullpen

The Mets have a couple of notable pitching prospects in Triple-A. However, all three have performed poorly. Dom Hamel and Mike Vasil and more recently promoted Blade Tidwell have each taken turns getting lit up with Syracuse. The exact opposite has happened with Brandon Sproat who, while still only in Double-A, might be accelerating to the majors more quickly.

An argument could be made that by the time we get to August one of the other three are deemed more MLB-ready than Sproat. A move of calling up Sproat to pitch in relief for the Mets for a couple of weeks would be a bold attempt to catch some lightning in a bottle. Let’s not forget the Mets let Tylor Megill skip Triple-A back in 2021 when he made his MLB debut. A far different situation, there would be a lot more riding on this type of move than rewarding Megill with a big league promotion out of necessity back when he first made the majors.

There example of a move like this. One of the better ones was in 2008 when David Price, who was taken first overall in the 2007 MLB Draft, graduated to the majors by the time the year was over. The Tampa Bay Rays used him as a reliever in the playoffs with a lot of success.

Sproat isn’t nearly the same level of prospect as Price was back when the Rays made it to the World Series. But when your options have been exhausted and the kid is showing he’ll probably be on the big league roster at some point next year anyway, you take a risk. At the very least, let him help you get to the postseason even if he is unable to join the team in October.