2 relief pitchers the Mets should sign, 1 they should avoid

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Mets should avoid signing John Brebbia in this free agency

The Mets are in the market for relievers in this free agency in which John Brebbia has been mentioned as a profile of interest for David Stearns and the rest of the team's baseball operations area. Brebbia is coming off a good season with the San Francisco Giants, where he posted an ERA of 3.99 with a career high strikeout percentage of 29.2% and a WHIP of 1.17.

Brebbia has great potential in his fastball, which averages more than 94 mph, but it is his slider pitch that is the most used in this reliever's repertoire. His slider, which he uses 53.9% of the time, managed to induce a batting average of just .227 from opponents thanks to his high spin rate.

Although Brebbia looks like a good option at first glance, his metrics indicate that he is not a reliable pitcher. His hard hit contact in 2023 was excessively high (44%) and the SLG allowed on his slider was .511.

The above indicates that despite his good results, the fact that he was a pitcher in a favorable environment for pitchers such as the Giants stadium could considerably influence the performance of this pitcher. In view of the unknowns in the Mets' starting rotation and the bullpen itself, there are other more reliable options to serve as a bridge this season to keep the team competitive throughout the year.