2 Mets who have already redeemed themselves, 1 who still has much more to prove

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James McCann signing still doesn't look good

Unlike Lindor and Carrasco, James McCann has not improved upon his play from last year. In fact, he might be having a worse year thus far, as he started off 3-25 this year. Unlike Lindor, McCann is not only not hitting, but he has not performed with runners in scoring position either.

His shaky start has resulted in less playing time, as Tomás Nido has seen an uptick in playing time. While Nido doesn't provide much with the bat either, he does provide a defensive upgrade over McCann, so until either of the two start to hit, look for Buck Showalter to continue splitting their playing time.

Last offseason, McCann signed a four-year contract worth $40.6 million, and the Mets were hoping they'd get the production they'd get out of him in his two years with the White Sox, which included an All-Star appearance.

The Mets will hope for McCann to turn things around as the season progresses, otherwise this will be a contract that will look like a waste of money on their payroll. But, he does still have time to turn things around, and with the rest of the lineup hitting and the rotation looking strong, McCann's slow start has not hurt them yet. However, the team will need more out of the catcher position as the year goes along, whether that is from Nido, McCann or both.

Clearly, the Mets have impressed early on in the season, and the hot starts from Lindor and Carrasco have been huge parts of that. And, while James McCann has started off slow yet again, there is a lot to like about how the Mets have played thus far, and there is a lot for the Mets fanbase to be excited about going forward.

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