2 reasons Mets fans should be worried, 1 why reason they shouldn't be

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates
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1 reason why NY Mets fans should have hope: NL East teams have turned their year's around before

I get that this may not happen but you never know in the sport in baseball. In the last couple of season's, two NL East teams had bad starts that reached to the month of June around this time but turned ther season's around in a big way and made deep runs in the playoffs.

Take for example the Philadelphia Phillies, last June they were as bad as seven games under .500 and according to Baseball Almanac, it shows that the Phillies on June 12 were only sitting at 30-30 on the season. And every baseball expert thought that firing Joe Giradi won't fix any of the problems this team was having, but we all know what happened after that. The team win on an instant run and with a third-place finish and with just 87 wins not only made it to the National League Wild Card Series but reached the World Series. I understand that they lost in six games to the Houston Astros but just thinking about where they were around this time last year, it's pretty remarkable they made it that far.

The Phillies are also not the first team who went on a run after a slow start to their season. In 2021, the Atlanta Braves were 29-33 on June 12 that coming also from Baseball Almanac. Everyone thought that they were done for and the Mets were bound to be NL East champs. But every Met fan knows what happened that year in August with the Mets falling apart and the Braves going on a commanding run even without their star player Ronald Acuna Jr and just like the Phillies last year, won 87 games but this time won the World Series.

Am I saying the Mets can accomplish what the Phillies and Braves did? Why not! I still think this team can turn things around. The Mets have too good of a roster to be four games under .500 and I think Scherzer and Verlander can right the ship and get back to their Cy Young form. Plus, their offense has not looked too bad without Pete Alonso and when he comes back in hopefully the next month, they should be in a good enough spot to get back in the playoff race. So if you Mets fans are looking for any kind of hope in this lost season so far, it's this trend NL East teams have been on the last couple of years.