2 reasons the Mets will sign Juan Soto next winter, 2 reasons they won't

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The 2021 IG post at Citi Field could be an indication of his interest in the Mets

During the 2021 season, Soto published a post through his personal Instagram account at Citi Field looking toward the center field where he described "Let God move the chips for you." In the message, Soto used the hashtags to name the city of New York and the Big Apple reference without mentioning any team in particular.

While the post could be an indication of his taste for New York City, the fact that the post was in the Mets' stadium generated a lot of speculation. A lot of time has passed since this deleted post, and Soto's interest may have changed to date.

Some aspects remain relevant. Soto has a preference for the city in which he can play this season with the Yankees and experience the New York spotlight, which will undoubtedly increase his value. But in the same way, some things could unite Soto with the Mets, and we can use that photo as a reference.

First, the Latino community, led by Dominicans, is significant in New York City and within Mets fans. Secondly, his brother was almost signed by the Mets until the Washington Nationals intervened in the agreed signing process. But more importantly, Soto would immediately be the face of the Mets in New York, something that would not happen with the Yankees with Aaron Judge at the helm.