2 reasons the Mets will sign Juan Soto next winter, 2 reasons they won't

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The return of the Evil Empire could affect the Mets

The New York Yankees had not taken the direction they have shown this offseason in decades. Hal Steinbrenner, chairman of the Yankees' ownership group, has decided to go all in to win a title in a way reminiscent of his father's empire.

The Yankees have a comparative advantage against the Mets. Having made the transfer for Soto puts them in a privileged position to negotiate with Soto.

Showing him the organizational culture of the Yankees, the spotlight of playing in the city, and the sacrifice they made to prospects to obtain his services could work in favor of Soto being in favor of signing for life with the team. Likewise, although Steve Cohen may have a large amount of resources at his disposal, the fact that Steinbrenner is willing to see the Evil Empire Strike Back could indicate his interest in having resources for this, as has been reported.

The battle between the Yankees and the Mets for the services of Soto next offseason could be a fierce and shocking event for baseball. Steve Cohen will have to prepare his Jedi entourage to fight against the dark side of New York City, which has returned with greater strength.