2 Mets players whose strong finishes in 2023 we should buy, 2 we should sell

A strong finish isn't always meaningful. Sometimes it is.
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Sell Tylor Megill and his strong finish in 2023

An elite pitch added to his arsenal or not, the issue with Tylor Megill in the majors has been sustainability. He got hammered in three of the five months he pitched last season at the MLB level. Unless he really has developed more in the offseason, we’re going to walk a tightrope with him again in 2024.

Megill finished his 2023 season with a 2-1 record in 5 starts. The 2.76 ERA was more than a run better than any other month of the season. It showed in the slash line numbers against opponents, too. Batters were held to hitting .232/.314/.361 against him. This came after a June and August (he was in the minors for July) where hitters had an average of over .300 against him.

One good month out of Megill isn’t worth buying into especially when players like Butto and Lucchesi pitched just as well, if not better in some regards. 

Megill’s overall season numbers are tough to compare against his previous seasons because of how terrible they were. His strikeout rates were way down. His walks were up.

The big challenge for Megill may even be just getting the opportunity to showcase how much better he has gotten. He’s on the outside of the starting five and will have to go to battle against the younger Butto and far more intriguing Lucchesi. There’s also David Peterson to compete against as well.

Could a move to the bullpen help Megill recapture what propelled him to the majors in 2021? It seems unlikely the Mets will make the switch until he gives them no other choice. For now, sell his strong finish continuing into 2024.