2 places where the Mets need to be ruthlessly aggressive, 1 where they can be passive

The Mets need to bring out the brass knuckles in these two spots while a slap fight is acceptable enough in this other.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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The Mets can be passive with free agent position players looking for long deal

Aggressively attacking free agent pitching and any of the notable trades available are a must. What's not is signing a position player to a long term deal. The Mets should be passive about this.

Free agency doesn't have too many of those position players hoping to find his final destination for the next half-decade or more. Cody Bellinger and Matt Chapman could end up as number one and two. Both are fits for the Mets. Neither is a necessity.

New York can benefit from adding an outfielder, third baseman, and DH. None of those signings are required to put a dent into the payroll, though. They already do have options at each spot. The mistake here would be not doing anything at all as it’s clear they do need upgrades. The Mets just don’t need to blow us away with signing the next free agent legend. He’s not out there anyway.

For the most part, this year’s free agency class of offensive players are on a similar level. You can buy a Teoscar Hernandez and imagine him sinking or swimming with the team just as much as someone like Jesse Winker could be rejuvenated. 

Finding the right fit in every which way possible should be the goal for the Mets. They can spend some time observing. Pitching should be the focus. Let the hitters know you’re interested, but don’t rush into anything until you’re sure.