2 places where the Mets need to be ruthlessly aggressive, 1 where they can be passive

The Mets need to bring out the brass knuckles in these two spots while a slap fight is acceptable enough in this other.
New York Mets v Miami Marlins
New York Mets v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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The Mets need to be in the thick of any blockbuster trade opportunities

The Mets have minor league ammunition. They need to make use of it eventually. If there are trades available without a ridiculous asking price, they must be in the thick of negotiations.

The offseason will offer the Mets a crack at players nearing the end of their contract, a little too expensive, or in the way of a prospect opposing teams think are a better fit. Whatever their reason for trading a player, the Mets need to get involved. 

The Mets are currently a team made of mostly homegrown players. They've been a bit quiet on the trade front in the offseason. Francisco Lindor is the only major player still on the roster acquired through trade.

One of those reasons they haven’t made more deals has been the lack of prospects deemed expendable. Things have changed. Since reloading their farm this past summer, more of those farmhands could be traded without hurting the club's future.

There isn't a need to make a trade for the sake of doing something. All we should ask is for the Mets to at least let it be known they're willing to talk. Coming up short on one of those all-time blockbuster trades won’t have us in a panic. Sitting out the trade negotiations, however, will have a much more negative affect on how the fans are feeling.