2 Mets who should be signed to an extension, 1 candidate they shouldn't sign yet

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2) NY Mets would do themselves a favor by extending Edwin Diaz right now

An extension at this point for Edwin Diaz feels impossible but not implausible. There seems to be no ongoing discussion to sign him or anyone else for a longer period of time. It’s not how the Mets have operated in the past nor have we seen any signs under Steve Cohen that in-season extensions are a regular option.

Before we start to compare this to what the Braves are doing with their players, let’s take a step back and realize the situation Diaz is in. He’ll be a free agent in less than three months. The Mets aren’t buying any arbitration years. The clock is near two minutes to midnight with his future.

Because he has made it this far, odds are we do see Diaz actually hit the open market. Funnier things have happened, though. And if his agent was willing to discuss a deal, the Mets would at least be open to listening.

While Diaz might not fall into the same category as Alonso when it comes to extension, getting something done before the end of the year would still qualify as one. The Mets don’t actually have a whole lot of younger players under contract worthy of an extension. This is a roster made up of older veterans already signed to free agent contracts or players none of us would even consider to be extension candidates.

It would come as a complete shock to see the Mets and Diaz agree on something long-term at this stage of the season. There is a pennant race to focus on. His salary is one piece of mojo they are unlikely to mess with and with good reason.