2 Mets early-season problems that won’t go away, 1 you shouldn’t worry about

You should be worried, but not with every problem the Mets have right now.

Detroit Tigers v New York Mets
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Stop worrying about the entire team being in an offensive malaise

The Mets aren’t going to be this bad offensively all-season long. The ceiling might have them in the middle of the pack at best. Regardless of where they finish, it’s not going to be the kind of year where they fail to score runs. Even in 2021 when the Mets had to patch together lineups on a regular basis due to injury they weren’t incapable of scoring runs.

Already we’ve seen massive improvements from Francisco Alvarez who’s swinging the bat without a care in the world. Brett Baty has even looked good. As for Starling Marte, I hope you didn’t write him off completely.

There are plenty of jokes to be made about J.D. Martinez regretting the decision to join the Mets after the start they’ve been off to. His “I’m addicted to the postseason” remark was already a bit tongue-in-cheek given the organization’s lack of appearances recently and in franchise history. Nonetheless, he’ll look to get his fix soon enough.

April is typically a weird month for baseball players at every position. Some guys routinely start off hot. Others need a month or two to rev up the engine. With the early power the Mets have displayed, they’ll be able to score runs. If there’s any point to have a losing streak, why not have it to start the year when you have the most road ahead?

Mets hitters are on notice. Clearly, their approach isn’t working. Don’t be stubborn. Adjust.