2 Mets early-season problems that won’t go away, 1 you shouldn’t worry about

You should be worried, but not with every problem the Mets have right now.

Detroit Tigers v New York Mets
Detroit Tigers v New York Mets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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We’ve all got problems and it seems the New York Mets have more than most. Even the slightest hint of a bad year reveals the panic button under the desk.

Panic buttons should be locked behind glass in April. This includes some uniquely crafted Jigsaw trap with fire ants in there or something else they haven’t done. Who knows? How many people have actually seen every SAW movie?

Now only four games into the year with three rainouts and zero wins, the problems are presenting themselves and looming large. Which of these problems won’t go away and which other should we not worry about at all?

Concerns for the Mets starting rotation won’t go away

If you’re worried about the Mets starting rotation, prepare for a full year of it. It doesn’t matter much what the starters do in their first, second, or third outing. The Mets are going to need continued success from the starting five-turned-six-turned-seven and more to get through the season. Having to already reach into free agency for a deal with Julio Teheran to stop some bleeding, his presence doesn’t exactly cast a spell on the problems they’re facing.

It’s a matter of durability and talent. Choosing to add the guys they did this offseason put them in a spot where just about everything else needed to go right in order for the plan to work well.

Jose Quintana wasn’t so bad in his debut. On the contrary, Luis Severino was. We saw the excellence Sean Manaea can bring to the club in his first start of the season. He gave the Mets hope for a couple of innings only for a big problem to get in the way: this team isn’t hitting.

Quintana and Severino could just as easily excel in their next appearances with Manaea being the one to falter. It’s baseball. It’s a long year. Just when you think you’ve figured out the starting rotation, someone’s foot hurts and he’s gone. After throwing a gem, a small change could lead to a batting practice session the next time out. This starting staff is capable of two extremes. We just need to hope the bad one doesn’t happen too often.