2 Mets changes we'd like to see against the Braves, 1 we want but won't get

These changes would help the Mets against the Braves.
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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3) J.D. Martinez in the starting lineup

Help is on the way: eventually. It’ll come in the form of designated hitter J.D. Martinez. A needed change for the Mets they can accomplish without any voodoo, the arrival of the late-offseason free agent addition will bolster the middle of the lineup in ways this team desperately needs. Although Brett Baty has stepped up huge in his role as a middle of the order bat, the Mets are undoubtedly much more attractive from one through nine with Martinez’s bat in the middle.

The Mets’ DH plan has been to rotate through guys with DJ Stewart getting a good majority of those at-bats. His early failings have fans desperate for the season debut of Martinez which we learned on Sunday won’t come in Atlanta.

We’ve seen a variety of Mets starting lineups to begin the season with some huge shifts in only one week. Martinez makes the most sense behind Pete Alonso as the number four hitter. Would this mean the team continues to bat Nimmo and Lindor one and two? We’ll have at least four games to wait and find out. They’ve finally shown some life in their bats.

With such little production out of just about everyone on the roster who swings a bat for a living, there isn’t much of a clear unanimous answer as to what the team can do other than to continue hoping for the best. There isn’t a minor leaguer the Mets could call upon for help. Some dominant pitching or a sudden turnaround at the plate for several Mets hitters is the best we can hope for.