2 best Mets trade deadline assets could be a solution for an AL contender in need

The Mets and Orioles could be perfect trade partners.
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

A couple of wins against the Arizona Diamondbacks is a start for the New York Mets to rewrite their fate. Thanks to a third Wild card spot, they’re far from out of the playoff picture mathematically. There’s a lot of season left to go and if we were to base where the Mets head on what we see, a trade deadline sell-off is the far likelier scenario.

Plenty of obvious trade ideas have been there since the start of the year. Pete Alonso to the Chicago Cubs, for instance, never seems to die. It’s the starting pitchers who are tougher to predict. Because every team could use some pitching at the trade deadline, it’s much more difficult to find a direct match. Then come injuries.

The Baltimore Orioles will be without John Means and Tyler Wells for the rest of the year. A sudden move to replace either is probably not going to happen. Give it a few weeks and some late June or early July offers could come in. The Mets’ two best trade assets right now, Sean Manaea and Luis Severino, could be a fit for the Orioles in their pursuit of a championship.

The two best Mets trade assets are a match for a World Series contender with a deep farm system

There isn’t a better team to strike a trade with than the Orioles. Their deep farm system allows them to subtract without feeling like they’ve given up too much. Sending Manaea or Severino there gives them a deeper veteran presence. In the case of Severino, it brings them a guy very familiar with Camden Yards. He hasn’t been spectacular there as a visitor, going 4-2 with a 4.89 ERA in 7 starts and a pair of relief appearances. Those numbers are inflated because of one disastrous start last season when he gave up 9 earned runs in 3.1 innings. All other seasons include an ERA of 3.97 or lower. Plenty of those outings included Severino matching up against an inferior rebuilding Orioles team.

Teams don’t make trades based on how a player has done at a certain ballpark. If that was the case, Julio Teheran would still be on the Mets roster and working his way toward being an All-Star. What matters more is the here and now. The Orioles, a virtual lock to at the very least earn the top Wild Card spot, will feel the burn of losing two of their starting pitchers.

The Orioles should have their pick of the litter this summer in any quest they have to add to the rotation. Having avoided long-term commitments with free agents, we can reasonably anticipate a preference for guys on expiring deals. Manaea does have a player option for next year. So far, it’s looking like he has outperformed next year’s salary.

Starting pitching has been a strength for Baltimore. The UCL injuries to a pair of their more experienced arms shouldn’t deter them too much. While the world watches as trade proposals are assembled that’ll send Miami Marlins starter Jesus Luzardo to Baltimore, don’t forget about the pair of Mets pitchers with no commitment beyond this season.

Plus, wouldn’t there be some extra satisfaction to take down the Yankees with Severino in the rotation?

David Stearns’ rule superpowers will be put on display at this year’s trade deadline—whether the Mets are selling or buying. His one major trade since joining the Mets brought us Adrian Houser and Tyrone Taylor. A worthwhile deal still in progress, knowing when to hold or fold and picking which prospects come or go will be how we define his tenure, especially in year one.