Which Mets $100 million contracts worked and which didn’t

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The Carlos Beltran deal might be the best of the $100 million contracts

For seven years and $119 million, Carlos Beltran became a member of the Mets. During those years in Queens, Beltran helped usher in a competitive era of Mets baseball with the high coming in 2006 with the team making it to Game 7 of the NLCS. While he was remembered for striking out to end that game, Beltran’s totals with the team make him the best center fielder in club history.

Beltran would hit .280/.369/.500 in 839 games for the club. He hit 149 home runs with the 2006 season including a franchise-tying-record 41. He would win three Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers, and make five All-Star teams.

The only thing that makes this big deal not unanimously perfect is that Beltran suffered through some big injuries in 2009 and 2010. Even so, we cannot negate all of the production he gave the team when he was able to get on the field.

Adding in one more positive element, the Mets ended up trading him in mid-2011 for Zack Wheeler. This trade might be the only trade deadline move in which the Mets sold and came away as the possible winner in the deal—or at least benefitted.

Beltran’s Mets legacy has some mixed feelings among fans. As that curveball from Adam Wainwright ages further, maybe those who don’t view him favorable will finally come around.