10 bold Mets predictions for the 2023 season

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets
Colorado Rockies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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9) Bold NY Mets prediction: 97 wins and a second-place finish

The Mets aren’t going to win 101 games again this year. I’m predicting 97 and a second-place finish in the division. I’m not sold on whether it’s the Atlanta Braves or Philadelphia Phillies that overtake them. Both clubs got better this offseason, as did the Mets.

As we saw in the 2023 season, a Wild Card spot isn’t such a bad thing to grab. The NLCS featured the Phillies and San Diego Padres, the other two Wild Card clubs against one another. Those two underdogs battled their way through the National League side of the postseason. Even if the Mets are settling for not winning the NL East title, they can go far as long as they get past the first round.

10) Bold NY Mets prediction: A trip to the NLCS

No list of bold predictions for a team is complete without declaring how it ends. For the Mets, it comes to a close in the NLCS. They get through the Wild Card round and the NLDS only to fall short in the NLCS.

Who is it against? That’s a tough one. The Braves or Phillies could always put the dagger into the Mets’ hearts. The Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, and St. Louis Cardinals are favorites to make the postseason and deliver the deathblow, too. The National League has stayed relatively the same in terms of contenders. As good as the Mets got, this coming year feels more like a deeper sip of championship success than one that ends in a parade.

Don’t worry. I could be wrong and probably am. Just hope I’m correct in already believing a 2024 World Series Championship season is coming up for this ball club.

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