The 10 biggest Mets mistakes of the Steve Cohen era

The Mets' front office has made some blunders since the team changed hands in 2020.
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The New York Mets have made countless errors throughout their history. Regardless of the ownership, front office personnel, or coaching staff, the Mets have made mistakes that have cost the team sustained excellence. Some of these mistakes have been blatant on their part, such as trading Tom Seaver and David Cone. Others have been due to signing the wrong personalities, such as Bobby Bonilla and Vince Coleman. Many in recent memory have been due to cheapness on the Wilpon's part, including failing to re-sign Daniel Murphy and Zack Wheeler. 

Every organization in professional sports have made mistakes. Here in New York, those mistakes are highlighted by the passionate fanbases and immense media presence. Mets fans were hopeful mistakes would not be as glorified under Steve Cohen's ownership because of his willingness to spend. However, money alone cannot brush aside poor-decision making on the front office’s part. Since Cohen bought the team in October 2020, which moves have been the biggest mistakes?

10. Drafting Kumar Rocker in the 1st round of 2021

This decision seemed like a draft-day steal as the Mets selected right-hander Kumar Rocker from Vanderbilt University. He had been a part of that great 'Vandy Boys' rotation with Jack Leiter that almost won the 2021 College World Series. As with the current farm system, the Mets in 2021 had very few pitching prospects ready to contribute. Even with Scott Boras as his agent, Cohen had the resources to offer Rocker $4 million to sign. 

However, acting general manager Zack Scott failed to do his due diligence by checking on the health records of Rocker, forcing the Mets to pass on the stud collegiate pitcher. Rocker was reported to have arm issues, which are now magnified by undergoing Tommy John Surgery in 2023. This move was a mistake not only for the failing health records, but players selected afterward that have turned out to be star prospects such as Andrew Painter and Colson Montgomery. While the Mets were given two first-round picks in 2022 as compensation, the 2021 draft has turned out great talent.