1 Mets trade target on the tanking Marlins they should start scouting

The Marlins are selling and the Mets should start scouting their roster.
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees
Miami Marlins v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins looked at the calendar and saw May 3 then decided to trade Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres for a less-than-impressive haul. Good news for the New York Mets. They haven’t even played Miami yet and already they’ve waved the white flag.

Quite possibly on pace to become the worst team in MLB this year although the Chicago White Sox and Colorado Rockies will have something to say about it, the Marlins are headed toward a continued sell-off. They had a lousy offseason after stunning everyone by being an inferior ball club that made the playoffs last year. Lucky as they were, the team rested too easily by failing to make any significant offseason upgrades.

Flip through their roster and you won’t even find too many reasonable trade candidates for the Mets. One, however, does stand out as a guy they should begin scouting closely.

The Mets should keep an eye on Marlins trade candidate Tanner Scott

Scott is not off to an excellent start. More walks than strikeouts, he has suffered from Adrian Houser syndrome. The 29-year-old lefty has a 1-4 record, 2.77 ERA, and a mixed bag of good and bad numbers to go with it.

Pulling the trigger on a deal would be preemptive for the Mets, but they need to start keeping an eye out on available lefties. With Brooks Raley recently suffering a setback, even a temporary solution should be on the table.

Scott’s 2023 season was far more impressive than what he has done this year. A 9-5 record, 2.31 ERA, and 12 saves in his 78 innings, he had no obvious inefficiencies. A walk rate of 2.8 per 9 and strikeouts at 12 per 9, he was a big reason why the Marlins were able to overcome their weaknesses and actually find their way in the postseason.

One of those relievers who took a while to blossom, Scott shouldn’t cost a whole lot. A really good season last year isn’t enough for the Marlins to hold him for ransom. If they’ve already traded Arraez, they should be looking to move Scott as soon as possible. The Mets aren’t desperate nor are other ball clubs. As pricey as relief pitchers can become closer to the trade deadline, several months instead of just two with Scott on the roster should benefit the Marlins in whatever they can get in return.

It’s certainly a money-saving tactic by trading Arraez whose two straight years winning a batting title was undoubtedly pricing him out of an extension with Miami. Still arbitration eligible through next season, he was costing them $10.6 million this year. Scott, meanwhile, is earning $5.7 million in his final year before free agency.

Start the discussions now but wait a little while longer before making a trade. The problem with this kind of trade is the Marlins might prefer to rid themselves of his salary as much as they’d like to receive quality minor leaguers. They’re more likely to get the former. The Mets payroll already has them paying penalties on the luxury tax. It shouldn’t stop them from keeping a close eye on Scott and seeing if maybe he is a good fit or not for the bullpen.