1 Mets player whose recent turnaround will last

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Due to many factors, the New York Mets have been one of baseball's hottest teams this month. Brandom Nimmo is starting to look like his old self. Fransisco Lindor has been playing at an All-Star level with his bat and glove, and the bullpen has looked much better since Edwin Diaz returned from his IL stint.

Even though many players have gotten hot, this is baseball, and we can expect some guys to cool down soon. However, one specific player has turned it around recently, and I see this player keeping up his great play for the foreseeable future.

Pete Alonso's turnaround is going to stick

The Mets" biggest slugger, Pete Alonso, has had an average best start to his 2024 season, which hasn't helped the team as a whole but also hasn't helped his value in the upcoming offseason. Even in an average year, he still has a decent amount of HRs, but his overall production at the plate hasn't been there, and he hasn't gotten on base nearly enough.

However, amidst the recent hot stretch for the Mets, he has gotten it going at the plate, and there can be several reasons why. Manager Carlos Mendoza rearranged the lineup and put Alonso back in the cleanup spot, which was ideally the best spot for Pete. He has been getting up with more guys on base, which gives him more RBI opportunities than if he was batting second. Mendoza will continue to leave him in the four spot, which will continue to show. Also, some players in front and behind Pete in the order have gotten hot, such as J.D. Martinez and Starling Marte. When other guys are hitting close to Pete in the order, pitchers will go right after Pete, leading to better pitches to hit.

We have also welcomed the summer heat with open arms, which allows many players to feel more comfortable at the plate, including Pete Alonso,. Pete is a career .263 hitter in June with an OBP of .357, both of which are his best for any month. His second-best month statistically is August, so it's no secret that Pete likes hitting warmer weather as the season progresses.

There is no question that if the Mets want to contend in the National League Wild Card race, their stars need to play like stars. Guys like Lindor, Alonso, and Nimmo need to stay on an upward trajectory, and looking at their track record, Mets fans have a reason to believe they will remain on this course.