1 Mets player who should play more, 1 who should play less, 1 to consider demoting

Who is earning more playing time and who should be between the lines less?
New York Mets v Texas Rangers
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The Mets should consider DJ Stewart alternatives

DJ Stewart doesn’t glisten so brightly anymore. Now that J.D. Martinez is fully engrossed as the everyday DH, there isn’t much use for Stewart other than the occasional appearance in a corner outfield spot. Notably, he’s a fine fit in right field once a week to give Starling Marte a day off his legs.

Stewart was incredibly useful during the stretch when the Mets were without Francisco Alvarez. Available to pinch hit for any of the three catchers they employed during that dark period, the return of Alvarez eliminated one more reasonable opportunity for the team to ask Stewart for big hits. He’ll ride the bench instead awaiting the small number of starts he gets. How much will this hurt his game?

After traveling from New York to Texas, Carlos Mendoza put Stewart in the lineup on Monday versus the defending champions. He hit his fifth home run of the season in what turned out to be a slump-busting night for anyone who stepped up to the plate cold. Still, it shouldn’t change the perspective on Stewart whose limitations should have the Mets considering some alternatives from the minor leagues.

Stewart, like Iglesias, got a pinch hitting chance in Tuesday’s game but would later be pinch hit for. He’s a much more useful version than Daniel Vogelbach because he can play the field. However, a batting average below the Mendoza Line remains hard to justify. There is no rush to replace Stewart because of his usefulness as a superior left-handed hitter. The Mets should remain vigilant in considering alternatives even if the player offers something completely different.