1 lesson learned from each series on the West Coast trip

New York Mets v Los Angeles Angels
New York Mets v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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3) The Mets learned absolutely nothing in their series against the Angels

Not every episode needs to end with everyone hugging and learning a lesson, does it? The Mets aren’t Friends. They’re Seinfeld.

The three games against the Angels didn’t really have any lessons to be learned. The Mets were, instead, reminded of what made them so successful in the early part of the season. Taking two out of three from your opponent is more than good enough. It’s precisely what they were able to do versus the Angels. A win on Friday, a loss on Saturday, and another victory formation on Sunday completed the mission of winning the series.

This has been a key for the Mets all year-long. Sunday could have easily resulted in a loss. The tenth game on a long West Coast road trip is easy to accidentally throw away. Instead, it was the Angels who looked exhausted as they were able to score only one run. Taijuan Walker beat up on them after a shaky first inning. The Mets, as they have done often this year, picked away at the score and after nine, left with more points.

You could have accidentally predicted this was how the series would take place. Nearly every series this year has gone that way. After two tougher ones versus the Dodgers and Padres, it’s good to see the Mets going back to the recipe that has been effective.

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