1 area where the Mets have gotten better, 1 where they got worse, 1 that has stayed the same

Where have the Mets gotten better and where have they come up short so far this winter?
Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets
Cincinnati Reds v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages
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The goal of every offseason should be to create a better team. But oftentimes it doesn’t feel like every weakness has improved. The New York Mets have certainly had a mix of reactions.

Think about it like a trip to the gym. It’s only January. You likely haven’t given up on your New Year’s Resolution of dropping some pounds yet. Not every session hits a muscle the way you’d like it to even if you did set some personal records. Your quads may be burning but your calves remain toothpicks.

Some parts of the Mets roster have already gotten a good pump. Others have atrophied. Then there are those stubborn muscles that have stayed the same. For the sake of not simply comparing the Mets to the end of 2023 roster with a club of Triple-A players, let’s use the overall 2023 look.

The Mets have gotten exceptionally better on defense

The Mets haven’t been shy about having a goal of saving runs in 2024. The Harrison Bader addition was the biggest splash in this area. Their trade with the Milwaukee Brewers that brought them Tyrone Taylor should also help fortify the defense as well.

On the bench alongside Taylor is infielder Joey Wendle whose defensive skills are what made him a worthwhile upgrade over Luis Guillorme. We should also anticipate the possibility of Tomas Nido replacing Omar Narvaez on the MLB roster once they find a taker.

The effect of the Bader signing helps improve the left field defense with Brandon Nimmo finding a new more regular position there. While there are questions about Starling Marte’s abilities in right field and third base couldn’t be more mysterious, the team has prioritized enough in the field to hopefully make up for any shortcomings they may have with the glove.

The now decade-long drought of a Mets player winning a Gold Glove may still continue, but individual awards aren’t the goal anyway. When it comes to defense, the Mets have undoubtedly bulked up.