1 team showing interest in Robinson Cano

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Robinson Cano officially ended his tenure with the New York Mets several days ago and so far there has only been one reported team showing interest in him. These MLB Rumors come from Raul Ramos who earlier this week mentioned an upcoming meeting between Cano, Brodie Van Wagenen, and the Baltimore Orioles.

Could it be that the Orioles view Cano as an answer to all of their prayers to keep them out of last place in the American League East?

MLB Rumors: The Orioles have shown interest in Robinson Cano

When the Orioles show interest in you, you have to take the phone call! At least this is the case when you’re Robinson Cano; a twice PED-suspended player nearing 40 with very little chances of getting a full-time gig anywhere.

I suppose a case could be made to say the Orioles have been better than expected. After a slow start to the year, they’ve managed to piece together a few wins and not look quite as ridiculous as the Boston Red Sox.

The current highest-paid position player from the Mets this year even though he is no longer a member of the team, Cano could conceivably get some regular starts at second base for Baltimore. Rougned Odor has been pretty bad for them this year. Cano could, at the very least, give them a different flavor and maybe pass along some insight to some of their younger players.

The problem with Cano and the Orioles is that it would be nothing more than a veteran bat to add to a lineup craving much more. It should be expected, though. Cano did very little to convince anyone he could be the missing piece to a championship puzzle even in a very limited role.

There have been no other MLB rumors floating around as to any teams with any serious interest in Cano. His reputation was tarnished after the second suspension. Now, it looks like he’ll have to settle for whatever gig he can find.

The longer Cano sits out in free agency signed, the less optimistic he should feel about getting any kind of deal. His best days were over before he even landed with the Mets. If Cano to Baltimore is the last of the MLB rumors we hear about him aside from pondering retirement, nobody should be all that surprised.

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