2 recent MLB transactions we wish the Mets were involved in, 2 we're glad they didn't touch

The Mets were on the sidelines for these moves. We're thankful for some and not for others.
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We're glad the Mets didn't sign Frankie Montas

There is only so much room on a roster for rebound candidates. The Mets made their choice with Luis Severino long ago. Frankie Montas, who struggled and then landed on the IL with the New York Yankees, was another one of those available pitchers this offseason the Mets could have considered. They won’t get their shot as he agreed to a deal with the Cincinnati Reds over the weekend for $16 million.

It seems like only yesterday Mets fans were debating which of the Oakland Athletics pitchers to trade for prior to the 2022 season. They chose Chris Bassitt and received one of the more excellent one-and-done seasons in club history. Montas, with an extra year of control on his deal, remained in Oakland until he was dealt to the Yankees midseason. He suddenly imploded, seeing his 3.18 ERA jump up to 6.35 in 8 starts. Montas would make only a single appearance for the Yankees in 2023, putting an end to the misery.

As questionable as the choice of Severino is, at least he has been really good for a much longer period of time. Montas is already heading into his age 31 season and with only two seasons of topping 100 innings, durability is a major question.

When the Mets complete their starting rotation this offseason, it has to be with a guy they can actually trust will stay on the field. It’s why Giolito was so in-demand by fans.