2 recent MLB transactions we wish the Mets were involved in, 2 we're glad they didn't touch

The Mets were on the sidelines for these moves. We're thankful for some and not for others.
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox
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We wish the Mets signed Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

Eh, you might take or leave this move. However, in signing Lourdes Gurriel Jr., the Mets would have at least addressed one of their bigger needs at the moment. He ended up receiving a three-year deal worth $42 million from the Arizona Diamondbacks to return to the desert. Too long? Too much? The desire to make this signing comes down to the lack of other moves the Mets have made.

David Stearns has a chance to make an even better move in left field. With each passing day, the doubts do grow. Gurriel wouldn’t have even signaled the end of the shopping. The Mets could have just as easily signed Justin Turner or any of the corner outfield DH targets available such as Jorge Soler or Teoscar Hernandez. Gurriel would’ve been the starting left fielder. Anyone else takes on the DH role.

The silence in the outfield market has taken over this ball club. Rumors of them looking into a full-time DH and the continued pressure to add a starting pitcher have taken over. What about the addition of an outfielder? Are we really going to get Tyrone Taylor on Opening Day?

For a year, the Toronto Blue Jays will have Kevin Kiermaier in center field at $10.5 million. A bit pricy for a guy oft-injured with a bat that doesn’t always match his defensive performance, perhaps you would have rather seen the Mets sign him. Whichever it is, the exhaustion of looking at Mets depth charts with DJ Stewart locked in has become too much to bear any longer.

Gurriel would have given some reprieve from thoughts of an inferior ball club.