2 recent MLB transactions we wish the Mets were involved in, 2 we're glad they didn't touch

The Mets were on the sidelines for these moves. We're thankful for some and not for others.
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox
New York Mets v Boston Red Sox / Winslow Townson/GettyImages
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It’s MLB rumors season and the New York Mets have been caught sitting on the sidelines for most of it. The roster is in need of some major upgrades all over. In the last few days, several notable moves have taken place that could have actually involved the Mets.

Which two are we envious of and which other pair are we glad the Mets watched from afar?

We wish the Mets signed Lucas Giolito

Imagine getting worked up over the Mets failing to sign Lucas Giolito. It's how many fans felt when they saw him land with the Boston Red Sox. If you're one of those who tweeted or ranted about it on any social media platform, we get it.

None of the free agent pitchers made more sense for the Mets than Giolito. A rebound candidate for sure and proven eater of innings, a short commitment matched perfectly with the plan for 2024. Now the Mets are left with lesser options on the same tier. Many are far less proven or require a contract that lasts a few more years than the possible two he got from Boston.

Giolito wouldn’t have guaranteed the Mets are contenders, but in sticking with the theme of guys who could outperform their contracts, he was the one to land. Hopefully for the sake of curiosity or hopefully not for the sake of our sanity we find out a little more as to why Giolito ended up in Boston instead. Was it us or was it him?

Conveniently, we don’t need to leave Boston to find a move we’re glad the Mets didn’t make.